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Aviation Administration Services 

v1 Fund Services provides high quality administrative support direct to the CFO/CAO ('executive management. giving  you the confidence needed to successfully grow and manage your business.

We leverage over 20 years of experience in accounting & reporting structure optimization, placing high emphasis on accuracy, integrity and ethical standards.

 Our services include but are not limited to: 

Lease Administration 

  • Accounting and financial reporting

  • Cash management services

  • Transaction administration

  • Referrals to other professional services

Member Distributions 

V1 will assist with the determination of periodic distributions to the Members of the Company in accordance with the client's operating agreement and other member agreements.

Company Personnal 

V1will make arrangements to meet with Company personnel, at their offices, on a quarterly basis to review the quarterly financial statements and cash flow.  Member distributions will be reviewed and approved with client’s management.  The financial results for the quarter and year to date will be reviewed with client's management.

Financial Statements

V1 will provide financial statements to Company management on a monthly basis. This will include a balance sheet, income statement and a summarized listing of cash transactions during the month.

  • CFO Assistant services

  • Consultation for the formation and structure of the funds   

  • Compliance service

  • Coordination of audit and tax services provided by independent auditors

General Ledger

V1 will maintain the general ledger and other books and records of the Company.  This will include recording entries in the general ledger for cash transactions, payroll, income and expense accruals, fixed asset accounting, etc.  V1 will reconcile bank accounts, credit card accounts and other asset and liability accounts on a monthly basis.

Year-end Tax Services

V1 will coordinate the year-end tax services for the Company with the Company’s tax preparers.  This will include providing them with requested information, assisting them regarding tax determinations and elections and reviewing the year-end tax filings. V1 will assist with making the filings on behalf of the client as needed.  

Company files

V1 will maintain Company files and source documents in primarily electronic form.  Such files and documents will be made available to the client as requested and as agreed to from time to time.


350 Camino Gardens Blvd, 

Boca Raton , FL  33432


Tel: 561-717-7081

Fax: 888-813-5681

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